Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tick, tock goes the......

Tick, tick, tick. That's one second per tick. It doesn't seem like much does it? The bad thing about it is that it constantly keeps going. On and on. Like Mother Nature's Chinese water torture device.

It's a darn funny thing isn't it? What other thing can you think of which can drag on so slowly, but whiz by so quickly it's almost like a blur? It seems like such a short amount of ticks ago that I was just a child. Sitting out on the old wooden front porch of my Grandfather's house and listening to his Kentucky influenced, Georgia Blue Grass, Back Mountain Baptist, Hoedown Revival Banjo playing and Back yard singing. Whew. Not many ticks at all.

In any case, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there. Hope you have many more happy ticks with your kids, your parents, and your wife or husband. Enjoy them, like the old Native American saying goes: "Nothing lasts forever, except the mountains and stones." Even those pass away after a while!