Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look Inside

I dreamed the other night about being in a swamp. The fog was as thick as the New York telephone directory. I couldn't see where I was at, or which way to go. Finally, after standing there for what seemed like hours, I saw a faint light off in the distance and headed out in the direction.

I tromped through knee deep muck, with a smell so bad that you could almost cut it. I finally reached the point from where the light was shining. It was a tiny little island of solid land, with a tiny hut in the middle. The light was shining brightly from a window in the side of the thatched roof bungalo and the smell of food cooking drove me to peep inside the small door.

There was a little gnarly old man squatting over a fire with one little pan, frying some meat of some sort. "Come in, stranger" he said "I will share what little I have with you"

"Who are you?" I asked

"I am your spirit" he answered

"I am always here, although many times you do not know it and seek me out when you need me"

"" he said as he handed me the food.

I took a bite, and immediately the surrounding changed. I was no longer in a tiny thatched roof hutch but found myself in a huge mansion with hundreds of lights hanging from the ceiling. I walked outside and the night was as crystal clear as a diamond. Stars twinkled and blinked and looked down on me with joy. There was no trace of the dark swamp, the fog, or the feeling of despair which I had so recently experienced.

I turned around to look for the little man, and a very handsomly dressed man stood there in his place. I recognized him as the same person, but totally different now, almost angelic in his demeanor.

"What was that you gave me to eat?" I asked him

He laughed gently "Now I can't go telling you all of my secrets can I?"

"Just remember, it's always there inside you when you need it"

The thought just popped into my head that I should always seek first inside me for the strength I need before looking to the world for them.

Then I woke up. Wish I could have slept a little longer though.


Julie said...

I'm glad my carpet brought me to your blog. You write beautifully.

Bevie said...

Cherry this was wonderful for it takes some many years to realize this wonderful gift!!! We have help right inside us if we but stop to listen and really hear!!!

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Cherry,
I lIked reading your posts about life, dreams etc.
Thanks for visiting my blog.