Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking again

I was thinking about how hard things are going to be 40 or 50 years into the future. Coping is going to be hard. Living is probably going to be hard. I am glad I am 50 I guess, although I wish I felt like I did when I was 27, still had all my teeth and didn’t have arthritis creeping up on me. Besides that, I am fine Thank You! But, seriously I think my generation has been the "golden generation" even though we have seen some wars, and some other bad historical glitches we have also probably seen the best years that the world will ever have to offer. I hope to God I am wrong, but things look like they are going to be tough from here on out, without some wisdom. I foresee crises in water and in fuel that are going to wrack the world.

We are already feeling the pinch on water in this country. The drought in the South drove home the point that you cannot take water for granted. We have wasted that precious resource for decades and more now without giving it a second thought. I guess we thought Nature would clean up our messes. Boy, were we wrong. I think about that every time I drink a bottle of Dasani, or Propel. We had better get ahead of this coming crisis in water, young ones. Get into the game because in 50 years, fresh water is going to be worth more than gold!

As for the fuel, well that’s just mathematics. More people need more fuel. More people making things (read China, India, Viet Nam, etc., etc.,) the more fuel that is needed to make them. And believe me, right now those prenamed countries don’t give a rat’s rear how much they dirty the water or the atmosphere. Have you seen the latest pictures of the clouds of smog and dangerous clouds over Chinese cities. I would hate to be running a marathon there this summer. They better have plenty of O2 ready, cause they are going to need it.

I am trying to simplify, as I have said earlier and it’s going to get more and more that way through the rest of the year. Just cleaned out a lot of stuff yesterday and the rest is coming soon. I mean, why in the heck do I need 47 shirts in my closet?! I probably won’t wear some of them anymore the rest of my life.

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