Friday, December 25, 2009

Hello Christmas, you come again.

Hello everyone. Merry Christmas! It got here again, and as usual I have been a bad boy this year!!

I hope this Christmas finds everyone well and with their families and having fun. If the reality is that things are less then perfect, well that's the case everywhere isn't it? We all have this idyllic notion in our head of what Christmas should be: Snowflakes and candy canes. Traveling to visit relatives (and getting along with fights now anyone!) Opening presents. Going to Church services.

I think if I could I would want to stand on top of the green hill behind my Grandparents house just once more and look out over the valley where they lived at the little creeks flowing down through the meadow, at the big Mountain in front of their little old house. I would like to go back and watch each of my children open their first present. I am sitting here this morning trying to remember what each of them opened (by theirselves) first in their lives. I can't remember it. I lost it somewhere along the line, as my memory gets a little hazier every year.

As we eat the meals today, and open the presents let's all give thanks for what we have. Even before we open our presents what most of us have is much, much more than what the majority of the rest of the world has. Maybe next year we should share a little more with the have nots of the world, and worry less about how many presents we are getting the people we love, who already have so much. Maybe we should try to make the WORLD a better place in 2010.

It's not time for New Year's Resolutions yet, but that is mine. Really, it is this year. Try to make the world a better place...maybe for just one person somewhere out there who on this Christmas day is having just another ordinary day, just getting by.

Blessings to all of you my friends and family. Blessings and Joy!!

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